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April Brings the World of Final Fantasy to @anime!

13 April 2004 - Orem, Utah -- Major obstacles blocked our path over the last few months, but we've made it through a storm and the skies are sunny ahead. With those sunny skies comes Volume 2 Issue 1 of @anime!.

In this issue, our feature takes us on a trip into the world of Square Enix's long-running series, Final Fantasy. We take a look at the history of the Final Fantasy series, as well as review their smash hit, Final Fantasy X-2, the first true Final Fantasy sequel ever. Also as part of the feature, we look at the first volume of ADV Films' Final Fantasy: Unlimited. In our anime department, we have reviews of the Miyazaki masterpiece, Kiki's Delivery Service, the latest racing phenomenon from Tokyopop, Initial D, and a commentary on the Ghibli/Disney deal and what it means to anime fans in the smaller locales in 2004. In our manga area, we take a look at the most anticipated manga series from Tokyopop, Fruits Basket. Then from the Gamerscorner, we delve into the latest entry into the Castlevania series, Lament of Innocence and the new Gundam game from Bandai, Encounters in Space. Finally, we have something new to @anime!, a glimpse into the land of action figures and models with the new Sector 7C toy roundup. Join James, Ben and Mikel as they review the hottest new figs and chat about the latest in the toy world.

As always, we have our editorials, commentaries and release schedules, as well as news bits that caught our eye in recent weeks.

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