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Animetro Announces New Online Magazine

@anime! title to be retired and the new Ionfuse to start publication in January.

1 January 2005 - Kansas City, Kansas -- In efforts to expand the reach of our online presence, Animetro Studios announces the retirement of our flagship publication, @anime! and the formation of Ionfuse, a new online magazine with expanded scope to include reviews and information on mainstream media topics from the United States, in addition to our usual anime and manga-related content.

"We excited to have the opportunity to start off fresh and with a new direction," said Timothy Georgi, Publisher and Editor-in-chief for Ionfuse. "We're ready to work hard at making Ionfuse a better destination on the web for our readers and fans of animation and comics everywhere." With the transition in place, the content published under the @anime! title will continue to be archived in the Ionfuse baskissues pages.

To see the new site, go to .


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Animetro Studios is the anime and manga publishing and production arm of SkyFall Communications, a media communications company based in of Orem, UT. Debuting in late 2002, Animetro Studios is the new producer of the @anime! online magazine, maintainer of AniNavi, the online Anime Navigator portal to help the online world find information on anime and manga throughout the world, and is also currently in the planning stages of its first online manga series, /rant. For more information about Animetro Studios, see our website at






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