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February's Ionfuse takes to the skies with Wandaba Style!

The second issue of Animetro Studios' Ionfuse is now online.

15 February 2005 - Kansas City, KS -- After a relatively quiet launch in January, the second issue of the new Animetro Studios publication, Ionfuse, is now online.

Our second issue takes a look at some great topics. In the @anime! category, we start off with one of the latest comedies from ADV. Join the antics of genius manager Michael Hanagada and the girls of the band Mix Juice as they "Rocket to Stardom" in the first volume of Wandaba Style! Then, we go back to Comic-Con 2004 with a look at the first movie in the Inuyasha series, Affections Touching Across Time. Next up, we hit some shoujo with a touching and fun series about a girl named Duck... or is it a duck that wants to be a girl? We explore those questions and more in a look at the first DVD for Princess Tutu. We switch gears and hit the Retroanime wayback machine with the DVD release of the always entertaining Burn Up! movie. Then we head into the Gamerscorner with looks at the latest Legend of Zelda game, The Minish Cap and the new installment in the Metal Gear Solid series, Snake Eater. Finally, a stroll through the toy aisles of Sector 7C looks at the new Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake figure and the retro fun of the Cycroader II toy from Galactic Patrol Lensman.

We also have editorials, a special comic parody from Sector 7C, and words from columnist James Alsup on the vice that is Toy Scalping. It's a ship load of fun, ready to blast off for February!

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Ionfuse is a web-based Japanese animation magazine, published by Animetro Studios, that focuses on bringing news, features and reviews from the world of anime and manga, with information from both sides of the Pacific. Featuring a wide variety of departments, Ionfuse expands beyond just anime and manga. In addition to anime, manga, Japanese music and anime soundtracks, import and domestic video games, industry information, and interesting cultural and fan-related features, Ionfuse with also cover occasional mainstream media topics from the United States. Ionfuse replaces our first publication, @anime!, which debuted in July 1999 at Anime Expo. Ionfuse can be found on the web at


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Animetro Studios is the publishing and production arm of SkyFall Communications, a media communications company based in Kansas City, KS. Prior to the formation of Animetro, SkyFall Communications published the online magazine, @anime!. Currently, Animetro Studios is the producer of the Ionfuse online magazine, maintainer of AniNavi, the online Anime Navigator portal to help the online world find information on anime and manga throughout the world, and is also currently in the planning stages of its first online manga series, /rant.

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