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Ionfuse takes on l33t-sp34k in April with Megatokyo

Magazine returns in April after having a technology-induced hiatus in March

14 April 2005 - Kansas City, KS -- Having been knocked out in March by massive computer issues, Ionfuse returns in full force in April with a packed issue, ready for public consumption.

Volume 1, Issue 3 leads off with the world of online manga gone print. We take an overview look at the adventures of Piro and Largo, two Americans stranded in Japan and the friends and foes that that they encounter in their quest to make enough money to get home. It's games, girls, ninjas, and much more in the world of Megatokyo. Next we take a run though our @anime! collection. First up, Misaki Kureha is being sent to the deep space outpost called Watcher's Nest to continue her training to become a super top secret mecha pilot. What mysteries await her? The answers lie in Divergence Eve Volume 1: Welcome to Watcher's Nest. Then we switch gears to high comedy with the return of Sandman and the Earthgertz crew in the follow-up series to the action-packed series Gravion, Gravion Zwei. Rounding out the traditional anime reviews, we take a look at the future where a federation of corporations runs everything and people called "E'S," psychics with magnificent powers, are there to protect the public... or are they? Find out in Volume 1 of E'S Otherwise: Operation Gald City. Next, we present a new section to Ionfuse as we jump on a "stream of consciousness" trip with our all-new Braindump reviews of the controversial series Gantz. Get a play-by-play look at Gantz Volume 1: Game of Death and Volume 2: Kill or Be Killed. Then, it's commentary time as James Alsup takes a trip down memory lane asking the question, "Has anime fandom passed me by?" Editor-in-chief Tim Georgi joins James to see if an answer can be found. Finally we round out the issue with a set from the Gamerscorner, first with a look at the wild fun of the Nintendo DS hit, WarioWare Touched! and then a walk on the darker side with Devil May Cry 3 for the PlayStation 2.

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